Thursday, August 18, 2016

She's got the looks that kill - p1 - MionPlays Trajes Fatais demo

It's a Brazilian crowdfunded fighting game. Download the demo. Support it. Share it. GIVE BRAZIL YOUR MONEY!

LINKS(outdated, see below):
TF English crowdfunding page
TF site (bilingual) (Beta demo download for PC) on
TF Kickante page
TF on Youtube (English subtitles available)
TF on Facebook
TF on Twitter
TF on Google+
TF on Steam (Greenlight)
TF Tumblr page

It's back, deadline is march 31st. Please help make this happen, support and share. Thank you.

                                               TRAF - Under the hood (Eng subs)

TF english crowdfunding page (up to 3x tax-free)
TF crowdfunding page on Catarse (Select language at bottom)(Pay in up to 3 interest-free installments)
International backers Catarse FAQ and intructions video (English)
TF on Youtube (English subtitles)
TF beta demo download on (Bilingual English/Portuguese)
TF on Facebook
TF on Twitter

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