Thursday, August 18, 2016

She's got the looks that kill - p1 - MionPlays Trajes Fatais demo

It's a Brazilian crowdfunded fighting game. Download the demo. Support it. Share it. GIVE BRAZIL YOUR MONEY!

LINKS(outdated, see below):
TF English crowdfunding page
TF site (bilingual) (Beta demo download for PC) on
TF Kickante page
TF on Youtube (English subtitles available)
TF on Facebook
TF on Twitter
TF on Google+
TF on Steam (Greenlight)
TF Tumblr page

It's back, deadline is march 31st. Please help make this happen, support and share. Thank you.
(Update: Completed, funded, in development.)

TF english crowdfunding page
TF crowdfunding page on Catarse (Select language at bottom)
International backers Catarse FAQ and intructions video (English)
TF on Youtube (English subtitles)
TF beta demo download on (Bilingual English/Portuguese)
TF on Facebook
TF on Twitter